The first mistake in CASABLANCA occurs during the credit sequence. Actor S.Z. Sakall, who plays Carl, is credited as S.K. Sakall.


In this sequence, early in the film, a bottle appears on the table where Rick and Renault sit. If you look closely at the frame on the left, there is no bottle on the table. We cut to a shot in which Captain Tonelli and Lieutenant Casselle, arguing as usual, stop their constant bickering only to salute Captain Renault. They both go inside Rick's Café, and as Rick and Renault laugh at these two buffoonish characters, a bottle of liquor now sits on the table.


In the scene where Rick breaks his rule of never drinking with customers, Renault states "Well, a precedent is being broken." Later on, when Rick picks up the tab, he says "Another precedent gone.." This mistake in the film is grammatical in that precedents are not broken or gone, but "set."
At the end of the Paris flashback sequence, on the train station, Rick reads the note Ilsa left him as the rain pours down, drenching his hat and overcoat. Rick and Sam walk across the station, and board the train. As they pull out of the station, we can see that Rick is as dry as a bone.

When Rick goes to "The Blue Parrot" the first time, we can see Señor Ferrari sitting across from Rick putting a cap back on a bottle between them. On the next cut, the bottle cap is gone.
After the authorities close down Rick's Café, he and Carl are poring over the books trying to see how long he can stay shut down before losing money. Look very carefully on the left: in the long shot, Carl is wearing his glasses on his forehead. In the next cut, Carl's glasses are on his nose.
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