From left to right:
The featured players of CASABLANCA surround Bogart and Bergman.
This colorful poster of the film -- a copy of an American design -- comes from Belgium.
In this exotic poster, the characters are grouped around a map of Africa.
This one is very chic, very artistic, a little psychedelic, and totally French.
This is a good example of how Hollywood used World War II itself to promote the film.
A cynical man, a game of chance, a faceless crowd, and the memory of a lost love.


From left to right:
In this famous "Lobby Card" Bogart, Bergman, and Henreid receive equal billing.
A colorful German poster featuring Ingrid Bergman and Sam at the piano.
This is the cover for the German 50th Anniversary re-issue of the film on videotape.
A rare Japanese poster of the film, with the title written in Katakana.
Here is the American 50th Anniversary poster featuring the airport scene.
Here's the cover of the DVD release of the film.


From left to right:
This popular favorite is in typical forties-style showing the main characters.
The "Newspaper Poster" used for the pre-release engagement in November 1942.
An insert, or perhaps the cover to a WB Press Book when the film was released.
This Spanish poster -- with a man smoking a hookah -- is very exotic.
Here's the psychedelic French number again, this time without the weird colors.
An unusual and rare Belgian poster in beautiful sepia tones.


From left to right:
Not exactly a poster but a Technicolor publicity shot.
A beautiful poster, in French, with a white dove in flight.
A variation on the Spanish poster, this time beautifully hand painted in vibrant colors.
The swirl of passions in the film is visually displayed in this colorful poster.
A lobby card featuring Ilsa Lund and Señor Ferrari.


From left to right:
The 50th Anniversary poster introduces a newer, more contemporary style.
This one, which depicts Bogart's face, is a simple Canadian poster, in French.
See CASABLANCA at the Classic Theater for only 50 cents.
Yet another version of this classic poster showing the main characters.
A French poster featuring a hardboiled Bogie pointing a gun.
An elegant poster in 1940's style mixing color and black and white.