During the 1950s and again in the early 1980s, two TV series were developed modeled on the film CASABLANCA. The first was in 1955 and the second in 1983 -- neither was successful. Here are the casts to these programs. Information is provided by The Internet Movie Database.


The interesting aspect of this series, aside from it being performed live, is that several featured members of the original cast of the film were upgraded to leading roles.
"Casablanca," the series, debuted on September 27th, 1955 at 7.30pm on ABC. Rick was renamed Rick Jason, and his bar was now called the Club American. Charles McGraw played Rick, and the supporting cast included members of the original movie. French actor Marcel Dalio was promoted from the role of croupier to Police Captain Renaud. Dan Seymour took on the role that Sydney Greenstreet made famous in the film, and Clarence Muse finally got to play Sam. He had auditioned for the original film but had lost out to Dooley Wilson. The series also featured a guest appearance by Anita Ekberg as an unnamed woman. Only eight 50 minute episodes were filmed before the series was canceled.
Marcel Dalio -- Captain Louis Renaud
Michael Fox -- Sasha
Charles McGraw -- Rick Jason
Dan Seymour -- Señor Ferrari


The 1983 series used what was left of the film's original sets. Many famous and soon-to-be-famous actors were part of this prequel to the film. The scripts placed the show in the June 1940 to November 1941 period, before Ilsa and Laszlo arrive in Casablanca.
The 1960's, the era that promoted the study of movies and the rise of film schools catapulted the film CASABLANCA from a memorable movie from the Warner Brothers factory to the status of cult classic. Since then, for many film lovers, every frame of the movie was sacred, and the thought that a sequel, or worse a TV series, would be produced based on this classic was a bastardization of holy writ. This was the atmosphere that was still prevalent in the early 1980's when this series went into production. Despite having a wonderful cast which featured David Soul, Ray Liotta, Hector Elizondo, and Scatman Crothers, the series couldn't help but be compared to the film, and it ended up being a disappointing failure. You can buy this TV series by clicking the icon below.
Reuven Bar Yotam -- Señor Ferrari
Scatman Crothers -- Sam
Hector Elizondo -- Captain Louis Renault
Patrick Horgan -- Major Strasser
Ray Liotta - Sasha
Arthur Malet - Carl
David Soul - Rick Blaine
Kai Wulff - Lieutenant Heinz