From left to right:
Director Michael Curtiz rehearsing Bogart and Bergman.
A portrait of Peter Lorre who plays Ugarte.
Rick and Ilsa in a tender, but tense moment.
Rick stands outside his famous Café Américain.
Conrad Veidt as Major Heinrich Strasser of the Third Reich.


From left to right:
Victor Lazlo and Ilsa Lund.
Rick Blaine and Captain Louis Renault.
Rick and Victor enraged as the Nazis sing "Die Wacht am Rhein."
Sascha congratulates Rick: "Boss, you've done a beautiful thing."
Rick drowns his sorrows in alcohol as Sam looks on.


From left to right:
Ugarte is arrested, and Rick proves that he "sticks his neck out for no one."
Sam, Rick, and Ilsa spend time together in Paris before the occupation.
Seńor Ferrari and Ilsa Lund meet.
At the roulette table: "Have you tried 22 tonight?"
In Paris, at "La Belle Aurore" -- "My German's a little rusty."


From left to right:
Sam and Rick at the train station.
Rick asks Sam if he would like to go to work for Ferrari at "The Blue Parrot."
A late night meeting for Rick and Ilsa.
Rick and Ilsa at the airport: "We'll always have Paris..."
Ilsa unexpectedly returns to the Café Américain in order to speak to Rick.


From left to right:
"Louie, I wouldn't like to shoot you, but I will if you take one more step."
Atmospheric, shadow-filled portrait of Bogart as Rick Blaine.
This portrait of the stars is the basis for the most famous ad for the film.
A full length portrait of Bogart on the set of the Café.
"Is that cannon-fire, or is it my heart pounding?"
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