From left to right:
Ugarte gives Rick the letters of transit to hold.
The triangle: Victor, Ilsa, and Rick.
"Major Strasser has been shot...roundup the usual suspects"
Rick checks the night's roulette earnings with Emile.
Rick and Louis listening to Sam play the piano.


From left to right:
Another magnificent portrait of Peter Lorre.
A portrait of Seńor Ferrari himself: Sydney Greenstreet.
In the shadows of the Café Américain.
Another publicity still of Bogart in front of his Café.
A stunning portrait of Ingrid Bergman.


From left to right:
Before the occupation: sharing a romantic drink.
A publicity shot alternate for Bogart and Bergman.
One of the most famous publicity photograph for the film.
A shadowy portrait of the shadowy Ugarte as he drinks at the Café.
Louis Renault: "Find Mr. Laszlo's luggage and put it on the plane."


From left to right:
Bogey and Bergman in a publicity shot for the final scene.
Rick and Ilsa dancing the night away to the tune of "Perfidia."
The young Rick and Ilsa in the convertible car in the "flashback" sequence.
Rick sells the Café Américain to Seńor Ferrari.
Lights, camera, action! Bogey and Bergman filming the farewell scene.


From left to right:
"The raindrops pour down the letter, smudging the writing."
They'll always have Paris.
The last image of the film.
At the Airport, filming the arrival of Major Strasser.
Rick breaks precedent by joining Victor, Ilsa, and Louis for a drink.
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